Solid Nail Gel Glue for Press-Ons and Soft Gel Tips

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Method of application
Color: 12g-Solid glue

❤【Multi-functional Solid Nail Glue Gelã€? Solid Nail Tips Gel comes in 8ml. can as nail glue to stick acrylic nails. fake nail tips or soft gel nail tips. can be used as rhinestone glue gel to stick glitter diamonds and other beauty nail decor. and can also be used as a carved nail design to create more nail art.
❤【Long-Lasting & Easy Usingã€? The solid nail glue gel is hard state gel and the texture looks like rubber. don't harm your nails. does not flow. don't stick to hands. but it has stronger adhesion than liquid glue after it was cured under nail lamp. and is easier to operate. A proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks.
❤【Healthy Ingredient Nail Glue Gelã€?- The nail glue gel is made of healthy ingredients. no unpleasant smell. environmentally friendly. non-toxic. harmless to your skin and natural nails. providing you a comfortable and happy nail experience.
❤【Apply Base Coat & Curing Needed ã€? After finishing the nail prep. it needs to apply base coat and cured; then apply the solid uv glue gel and be cured under the nail lamp for at least 60 seconds. the uv nail adhesive with good flexibility. it is repositionable before curing. which is very convenient.
❤【DIY Nail Art Gel Glueã€? Suitable for professional manicurists and nail lovers. it can meet the needs of a variety of nail art work at the same time. Enjoy a salon experience with your friend and family at home. creating beauty nail art design. wonderful gift for your wife. girlfriend. mother or sisters and perfectly for parties. dating and wedding、birthday etc.

Product Features:

  1. No bubbles  No whitish
  2. Very strong
  3. Multi-Function
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Fit nail bed well

How to apply:
  • Choose nails that fit your nail size.
  • Take moderate solid nail glue gel on the nail tips
  • Press and adjust the nail position and fix it (Make sure there are no air bubbles)
  • Wipe off the spilled gel
  • Cure nails under UV lamp (For light-colored nails. cure for 1-3 minutes; for neutral color ones. it's suggested to cure for 3-5 minutes. It's not recommended for use on fully opaque color nails.)
Note: The curing time depends on the power of the nail lamp and the thickness of the solid glue gelï¼?/span> It's recommended to use lamps 36W or higher.)

How to remove:
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to all edges of nails.
  • Use the cuticle pusher or wooden stick to tilt out a gap and gently pry open
    the entire fake nail. (If it's not coming off easily. do not force it! keep the wooden stick in the gap and apply more glue remover between the nail bed and fake nail. repeat several times)

Warm Tips:
1. If you receive a solidified colloid. you can keep it in warm place(e.g.. air-conditioned room)for half or 1 day before use.
2. Please close the cap in time after use and keep away from direct sunshine.