TIPS: How To Make Our Nail stickers Last Longer

It can last 7-15 days without extra protection

Tip #1 - Use top coats are super useful as they bump up our lasting power from 7-15 days to 15-25 days

 But please avoid using any quick- dry products as this will make your natural nails dry out faster - we definitely don't want that!

 Tip #2 -  Use A Base Coat Before Applying The Nail stickers To Protect The Nails And Help Them Adhere Better

This may also help if you have oily nail beds.

Note: Avoid using a top coat as a base coat because it's thicker and takes longer to dry.

Tip #3 - Wait At Least Six Hours Before Submerging Your Hands In Hot Water, To Let The stickers Adhere Better In The Long Run

Hot water may affect the adhesiveness of the stickers if the stickers are exposed to it too early, so they may not stay on as well!

So, please be mindful of hot water so that your stickers remain perfect right from the time of application!

Tip #4 - The Extra Effort

Something that some people do to take really good care of their nail stickers is to wear gloves when washing the dishes and using medium-temperature water instead of burning-hot water when showering!

This little bit of extra effort really helps to keep your stickers always looking super perfect, and lasting as long as possible!