How To apply

Articlaws® nails stickers are the easiest way to get the great manicure at home. They are completely self-adhesive and don't require any heat to activate.
If you'd like to extend the life of your nails from 7-10 days to 15-25days, you can apply a top coat (but this is completely optional).
You can apply our nail stickers onto any type of nail, whether that is a bare nail, polish, gel, Shellac, SNS, or acrylics.

1. Clean Hands
Sometimes, our nails have moisturizer, sunscreen, soap, or any number of other things on them that would prevent the stickers from sealing to your nail.(This also includes the natural oils on your skin and nails!)
Give them a quick wash or use an alcohol swab to get them sparkly clean!

2.Remove the clear, plastic protective film
You may not have noticed, but there is a protective plastic cover on the whole set of stickers!


3.Choose The Right Size
Finding the right size,If don't have the same size, you can choose a slightly larger size to trim size


4.Peel The Nail From The Top Side
Peel your chosen sticker from the top side, this is the side that will get filed away as excess.
Try not to touch the adhesive to anything before you put it on your nail to keep it as sticky as possible!

5.Place The stickers At Your Cuticle, And Push It Down From There
Align the bottom of the stickers at, but not on, your cuticle.

Use a hand to press and smooth the stickers into place; start at the cuticle, push down one side, then across the top of the nail, then back up the other side.

Getting a tight, wrinkle free seal at the tip is the key to making your manicure look perfect and last as long as you want it to.
**If you get a little wrinkle, you can always pull and stretch the wrap a little to get rid of them


6.File Off Any Excess
Use the included nail file, to file off the excess length (sometimes it's nice to trim it with scissors first, and then use the nail file to get the final finish).

It is important to only file in a downward motion.

Don't file side to side or upwards because it stops the wrap sealing with your nail and lets dust and grit under your wrap (this ruins the adhesive so your tips won't stick as well as normal, and so your stickers won't last as long).



7.Optional: Top Coat

Articlaws® nail stickers are very glossy straight out of the box.

If you want to make them even more shiny, or if you want them to last longer than 15-25days , then you can apply a top coat.

Pro tip: if you apply a top coat, cap your tips to make your stickers seal with your nail even better!


TIPS: How To Make Our Nail stickers Last Longer

Tip #1 - Use top coats are super useful as they bump up our lasting power from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 weeks 💅

But please avoid using any quick- dry products as this will make your natural nails dry out faster - we definitely don't want that!

Tip #2 - Use A Base Coat Before Applying The Nail stickers To Protect The Nails And Help Them Adhere Better
This may also help if you have oily nail beds.

Note: Avoid using a top coat as a base coat because it's thicker and takes longer to dry.

Tip #3 - Wait At Least Six Hours Before Submerging Your Hands In Hot Water, To Let The stickers Adhere Better In The Long Run
Hot water may affect the adhesiveness of the stickers if the stickers are exposed to it too early, so they may not stay on as well!

So, please be mindful of hot water so that your stickers remain perfect right from the time of application!

Tip #4 - The Extra Effort
Something that some people do to take really good care of their nail stickers is to wear gloves when washing the dishes and using medium-temperature water instead of burning-hot water when showering!

This little bit of extra effort really helps to keep your stickers always looking super perfect, and lasting as long as possible!

How to remove

Process # 1 - Using Nail Polish Remover
1.Take a very small amount of cotton bud and soak it in the nail polish remover

2.Place this on each of your nails

3.Wait a little bit of time for the nail polish remover to work its magic (be patient and the wrap will slide off smoothly - 3-5 minutes usually does the trick!)

4.Push down on the cotton pad from your cuticle towards the end of the nail, and the wrap should slide off in one movement with no rubbing or damage to your nail.
Pro Tip: nail polish remove can make your nails a little bit dry - so we recommend moisturizing your hands after this process.

Process # 2 - Using Coconut Oil or Lemon Juice and Warm Water

1.Put a small amount of warm water & lemon or coconut oil in a bowl

2.Soak your nails for a few minutes in the liquid

3.When the bond between your nail and the stickers starts to break, use your cuticle pusher to edge the wrap up from the side of the nail.

4.The wrap should edge off easily. If there is any residue left on your nail, simply wipe this off with a tissue.

Your hands will be lovely and soft, ready for your next wrap application!

We hope that this tutorial helps you remove your nail stickers with ease, just in time for your next Articlaws® manicure!


if you would like to share photos of you wearing your fabulous Articlaws® nails stickers with us, feel free to do so, too 😍
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