Nail Art Wrap Z-092

Method of application

articlaws nail stickers are the easiest way to get a great manicure at home. They are completely self-adhesive and don't require any heat to activate.

You can apply our nail stickers onto any type of nail. whether that is a bare nail. polish. gel. Shellac. SNS. or acrylics.

  • Material: Environmental ink; environmental glue; PET film

  • How long last: It can last 7-15 days without extra protection. Use top coats are super useful as they bump up our lasting power from 7-15 days to 15-25 days. click more tips to Get how to make nail stickers last longer.

  • Size: We include 12 nails.14nails.16nails.22nails. and toes. The specific dimensions are in this link. click stickers size to get information
  • How to apply: It's so easy. click How to apply nails stickers to get tutorial
  • How to remove: Using Nail Polish Remover or Coconut Oil or Lemon Juice or Warm Water. click How to remove to get tutorial